Things to Do in Zadar, Croatia, With AirBnB

If you want to stay in a unique place in Zadar, Croatia, consider booking a room with AirBnB. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, you can find a great place to stay near the Old Town Square, St. Donatus’ Church, and Queen Jelena Mdijevka Park.

Apartment Tia

Located near the sea, Airbnb Zadar Apartment Tia is the perfect getaway for two. Enjoy views of the beautiful city and sea from the balcony. The apartment has a king-sized bed and has air-conditioning. The property is close to supermarkets, bakeries, and ATM machines. In addition, it’s just 17 minutes from the city’s airport.

Airbnb Zadar Apartment Tia is a stylish and modern apartment with quirky decorations and a spacious layout. It has 3 bedrooms and can sleep up to four people. It also has a buzzer and wireless intercom to ensure your comfort. The owner speaks English, German, and Italian. It’s also fully equipped with high-tech amenities like fast Wi-Fi, LCD TV, and tablet PC.

Located in downtown Zadar, this Airbnb property is within walking distance of the main attractions. It is also a short walk from People’s Square. The minimalist decor and simple furnishings make this apartment perfect for couples or small groups. The living room includes a queen-sized bed and a sofa bed. The Wi-Fi connection is reliable and efficient. The apartment has a window that overlooks a tranquil inner garden.

Old Town Square

The Old Town Square of Zadar is a picturesque square surrounded by medieval City Walls. There are numerous attractions that you can visit and enjoy. The Sea Organ is a famous piece of art in Zadar that features marble steps that lead to a pool of water. Each marble step has a tube that creates a musical note. If you’re a fan of avant-garde minimalism, you’ll enjoy this work of art.

The pedestrianized Old Town Square of Zadar is home to many cafes and outdoor cafes. It also boasts the Clock Tower, City Loggia, and the Ethnographic Section of the National Museum. The square has an excellent view of the town’s history and architecture. It also serves as a great meeting place for locals and visitors.

The town was once a major center of the Renaissance in Dalmatia. Artists and scholars from this period lived in Zadar. Famous Italian Renaissance figures such as Giorgio da Sebenico and Andrea Meldolla studied here. Zadar was also one of the most important centers for Croatian literature. It produced several Croatian writers, including Petar Zoranic, the author of the first Croatian novel Planine.

St. Donatus’ Church

St. Donatus’ Church is located in the St. Donatus Township, which was founded in 1846. The town was named after the patron saint of violent storms and lightning, Saint Donatus. It was founded by immigrants from the neighboring country of Luxembourg who fled the growing poverty in Europe.

Originally, the St. Donatus parish was a mission church. The parishioners met in an old school building, but in 1918 the parish purchased a house and built a rectory for the new priest. Father Vincent Yzermans and Father Maurice Landwehr supervised the construction of the building.

Saint Donatus was a 2nd century Roman soldier and martyr. His parents were Faustus and Flaminia. When he was born, Flaminia asked the intercession of Saint Gervasius, who had told her that Faustus would recover. Flaminia named her son Donatus, which means “gift.” The boy was educated by his parents. He eventually enlisted in the 12th Legion and rose to become a personal bodyguard to Marcus Aurelius.

Saint Donatus’ Church is located in St. Donatus, which is located near the town of Muenstereifel. The church is an important part of the historic village. In addition to the church, the village also has a chapel, a rectory, and a cemetery. It is also a contributing part of the village’s National Register of Historic Places.

Queen Jelena Mdijevka Park

Located behind the city walls and offering a lush escape from the old town, Queen Jelena Mdijevek Park offers a lush green oasis and is one of the top things to do in Zadar. With walking paths and benches, you can relax here and enjoy the stunning views of the city. There’s also a cafe in the park where you can relax and enjoy your day.

In addition to its enviable location, this vacation home is close to the Old Town, the Forum, and the Zadar Station. It offers complimentary wireless Internet access and garden views, as well as barbecue grills. While there are numerous other hotels in Zadar, this vacation rental is ideal for a family vacation or a romantic getaway.

Nearby, the city’s Five Wells Square is a popular meeting spot for locals. The square features numerous bars and restaurants that are beautifully illuminated at night. While in town, you should try the delicious seafood at Restaurant Bruschetta. The food here is an enticing blend of Dalmatian and Mediterranean culinary traditions. The staff are welcoming and attentive, and the food is presented beautifully.

Pet-friendly accommodations

If you want to bring your pet with you on vacation, you can find many pet-friendly accommodations through Airbnb. In Zadar, for example, you can find over 300 Airbnbs that are pet-friendly. Some Airbnb hosts provide fenced-in yards or private patios for your dog. They may also provide plush dog beds and food and water bowls for your dog.

The apartment is located near the Old Town and is close to many interesting dining options. It also features free WiFi throughout. There is no charge for the WiFi, but the host is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. This property is not suitable for children. Please note that the owner of the property speaks English, German, Italian, and Italian.

The most common accommodations for guests with pets are apartments and cabins. Private rooms are available in most of the accommodations, but there are some exceptions. Private rooms usually have their own private bathroom, but you can often find shared bathrooms. When choosing a room, make sure to check if there are other guests staying in the house.

Guided walking tours

One of the most popular ways to see Zadar is to join a guided walking tour. This is a great way to see the city and learn more about its history. The city was founded in the 9th century and is home to many ancient sites. Guided tours will teach you about the history of the city and show you the best spots to see.

The Old Town contains the ruins of the Roman Forum and is also home to many famous churches. There are also several happening squares to check out, such as 5 Wells Square and People’s Square. You can also see the world-famous Sea Organ located near the popular monument “Greeting to the Sun”.

The Archeological Museum is another great place to go and learn more about the city’s history. Located near the Roman Forum, the museum features three floors of artifacts and has descriptions in both English and Croatian. Entrance is only 30 kuna for adults. You can also explore the ancient glass museum and explore the city’s history through interactive displays.

Taking a guided walking tour in Zadar is a great way to see the city. These tours are led by local guides who will lead you to the most popular attractions in the city. These tours are taught in English and take about 1.5 hours.

Restaurants in Zadar

If you’re a foodie, Zadar has a great selection of restaurants. You can find traditional cuisine in the town centre, or find trendy, upmarket places to enjoy a meal. Some of the city’s best restaurants have been around for decades, but there are some that stand out for their innovation and style.

Some Zadar restaurants offer great views of the harbor, while others have more casual decor. Many Zadar restaurants serve food that’s reasonably priced. The Five Wells Square Konoba, for example, is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. It specializes in traditional preparation of grilled fish and has a romantic terrace overlooking the Fosa Harbor. The restaurant also offers a kids’ playroom.

If you’re a seafood lover, Fosa is the perfect place to go. Located within the historic walls of the 16th century harbour Fosa, this restaurant offers a diverse menu that blends local flavours with global trends. It also has a seaside terrace that offers spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea.

The interior of the restaurant is breathtaking. It’s lush and green, and the staff is attentive and professional. Its dishes are beautifully presented and complemented by a wide selection of wines. Located outside of the city centre, the restaurant is easy to find.

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